Project Description

To contribute to healthy development of the local economy in Sagamihara-city, the Sagamihara Industrial Promotion Foundation provides various support.
The following is a brief description of our main projects.

1. Project for stabilization and development of management of small and medium-sized enterprises

(1)Support for stabilization and development of management of small and medium-sized enterprises

In order to stabilize and develop management of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, we have placed specialized counselors since fiscal year 2010 and have been working on projects of comprehensive support for manufacturing companies. In addition to continuous enhancement of these projects, we will focus our efforts on market cultivation support for businesses. Furthermore, we will continue working on projects such as city loans and the Safety Net Guarantee in order to handle necessary fundraising for businesses.

・Comprehensive support for manufacturing companies

・Market cultivation support project
   Hosting of a Sagamihara-city business meeting for receiving    orders
   Operate a Sagamihara booth in domestic exhibitions
   Joint business meeting of cities in nine prefectures
   Support for participation in domestic trade fairs and
   international trade fairs.

・Sagamihara city loan project

(2)Research & Development support project

We support R&D on new products and technologies developed independently by small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to promote technical R&D and enhance the technical strengths of these enterprises through specialized knowledge of the “comprehensive support for manufacturing companies” project coordinator. In addition, we cooperate with universities in our city and the surrounding areas on needs and problems associated with new products and technology development.

・R&D support projects for small and medium-sized enterprises

・Promotion of university-business collaboration

・Operation of cooperative organizations in research institutes such as universities in the city

2․Project for ensuring and cultivating industrial human resources

In order to improve the skills of resources that support small and medium-sized enterprises, we provide opportunities to learn manufacturing skills. Furthermore, to cultivate human resources that will be the main driving force for future industries, projects are undertaken that provide opportunities for internships and work experience.

・Support for cultivation of manufacturing human resources

・Providing information for human resource cultivation and technology skills

・Manufacturing company tours

・Support for projects associated with human resource cultivation (practical training)

3․Project for promotion of internationalization, as well as gathering and providing information

(1)Internationalization support

In order to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the city in international transactions and stimulate international economic exchange, we investigate the opening and operation of foreign offices, host seminars and consultation meetings, provide opportunities to participate in overseas business matching meetings and exhibitions, and gather and provide information about foreign markets.

・Internationalization support project

・Global economy and intellectual property rights seminar

・Support for participation in overseas trade fairs

・Overseas development adviser project

・Provide global economy and company information

(2)Gathering and providing industrial economy information

To enable our organization website and e-mail newsletter to become a more useful information source and transmission media for manufacturing companies in the city, we gather helpful support information from organizations inside and outside of the city and provide this information via email. We also enrich the website by gathering and publishing information about attractive manufacturing companies in the city, as well as pioneering and cutting-edge company efforts.
Furthermore, we investigate and research trends of industries in the city and issues associated with industrial development, and comprehensively provide this information.

・Provide manufacturing company information

・Provide information from companies, the city, and industry support organizations.

・Distributing e-mail newsletters

・“Sangyo AruAru” Information

4.Project for supporting startup businesses and business incubations

We promote business startups by hosting business consultation meetings. Furthermore, by providing support based on business categories or management methods, such as SOHO (small office/home office) support projects and community business promotion projects, we help startup businesses and business incubations, and aim to revitalize the local economy and city planning.

‧ SOHO support project

‧ Community business promotion project

‧ Startup business support project

5․Project for development of the local economy

In order to revitalize the local economy, we operate showrooms to widely promote specialties and products of Sagamihara-city both inside and outside of the city. We also undertake projects to advertise “Sagamihara-city” since tourism has an important economic effect. In addition, we aim to enrich cooperative projects with industry support organizations in the city, industrial promotion foundations in the prefecture, and cities in nine prefectures.

‧ Joint business meeting of cities in nine prefectures